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 High Tensile Strength
Tensile strength measures the force required to pull something to the point where it breaks. Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, robust material with high tensile strength, making for it ideal for gutters which, like fiberglass boats, are continually subjected to moisture and changing weather conditions. And like fiberglass boats, Plymouth Bay Fiberglass gutters have stood the test of time, with our earliest installations now a dozen years old. In fact, fiberglass gutters have been used for over thirty years in Holland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria and other areas with severe weather conditions. 

 Reliability – No Leakage
Plymouth Bay Fiberglass wood-replacement gutters are a step above any other system available today. Comprised of several layers of fiberglass, the gutters are rugged and 100% leak-proof. 

With mandatory annual maintenance, traditional wood gutters have an additional cost which is never-ending. Plymouth Bay Fiberglass gutters simply require clearing of debris and an occasional washing. 

 Ease of Installation
Another top selling point for architects, builders, installers and property owners or managers is ease of installation. Plymouth Bay Fiberglass gutters install in about one third the time of a traditional gutter system. This ease of installation, combined with low maintenance and the assurance that the gutter system is not a threat to one’s investment, make Plymouth Bay Fiberglass gutters ideal for any architect, builder, owner, manager or superintendent of a project where historic character and detail are important. 

 Long Lasting
Manufactured with a molded-in isophthalic gelcoat, Plymouth Bay Fiberglass gutters will endure over twenty-five years with no service – without blistering or delaminating – making them a simple, cost-effective insurance policy for one’s investment and time. These gutters will be the last a property owner will ever need to install. 


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